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Home Décor Clearance Sales

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Home Décor Clearance Sales

The annual spring cleaning movement that takes hold of people once temperatures begin to warm up not only can be beneficial for the decluttering of homes, but can also inspire those same people to buy new items that enhance current home décor. With extra space, redesigned living spaces and a feeling of newness, potential customers can be further inspired to purchase new items, especially those sold at a discount. Spring cleaning not only affects the homes across the country, but can also be a motivated time for the retail business owner to clean out old stock, preparing back room shelves for new inventory and fulfilling customers’ needs for new items to fill their own empty shelves.

Clearance sales happen at all times throughout the year, especially with seasonal items. Items like fireplace accessories are typically marked down at the end of winter, and outdoor furniture can be found on sale once the leaves begin to change color. Floor vases and other decorative accents do not necessarily follow the seasonal pattern of clearance sales, as they are used throughout the year, but the styles and colors can help define the best time to clear out older stock. With these items, a clearance sale may be more successful if it is timed with the predisposition to enhance décor after clearing out a living space.

The idea behind a clearance sale is not to lose money on the items with reduced prices, but to recoup costs while freeing up valuable inventory space for new items. Many retail stores offer clearance incentives such as, “buy one, get one,” which gives retailers to either give away an item for “free,” or offer a discount on the second item. These types of deals attract customers who shop for deep discounts, yet still benefit the retailer more than a percentage discount clearance sale, as the actual discount of a “BOGO” is usually 25%, at most. Other clearance sale tactics include tiered sales that encourage customers to buy an item at a lower discount, earlier in the month, rather than waiting for the discount to increase and taking a chance at losing the item to another customer. Some retailers even offer a discount if an entire décor package is purchased at the same time, while others may maintain an area that is continually refreshed with clearance items, much like a clearance bin.

Clearance sales help the home décor retailer move inventory such as floor vases and botanical accessories, freeing up space for new items as well as giving customers discounts on products to refresh their own décor. Taking advantage of the spring cleaning frenzy that grips the nation once temperatures warm up can benefit customers as well as home décor retailers, establishing a favorable reputation and keeping seasonal inventory fresh and within the mind of the customer.

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