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How Coupons Can Benefit Home Decor Retail Sales

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With the economy slowly recovering and the popularity of websites like Groupon or television shows like Extreme Couponing, establishing a coupon policy or campaign can give a retail business a boost in sales and reputation. Retailers that sell decorative accents like planters, floor vases or botanical accents may experience more difficulty moving product during these times as customers face a “want vs. need” type of situation that may require the choice between groceries and décor. By offering coupons to customers, businesses acknowledge customer’s needs, or the pursuit of deals and bargains that help relieve the bottom line. Coupons are more than offering discounts and incentives to customers, and can be an effective way for a home decor retailer to move inventory, recruit new business and maintain customer loyalty.

Coupons work for both online and brick-and-mortar home décor stores. Many of these offers and discounts are able to be printed out, clipped from magazine or newspaper inserts or entered in during online transactions. The types of coupons offered vary; some retailers offer a percentage discount off of décor items like floor vases or planters, especially during the off-season, while others may deduct the cost of shipping an item. Small business home décor retailers benefit from these offers and coupons by establishing a presence in the mind of the loyal consumer who appreciates being rewarded, ultimately creating a positive reputation for the retailer and brand. These customers will come to appreciate, especially, regular information about upcoming sales, regular coupons and referral discounts.

Retailers that offer discounts outside of the typical high-sales seasons are more likely to continue a positive relationship with customers. Mixing these coupons with discount offers in the store, such as an extra 10 percent off clearance items alongside a discount on a new planter for the spring growing season may increase the opportunity to move both old and new merchandise as well as show customers that coordinating items are available, and may be discounted in the future, maintaining customer interest. Offering discounts on new and high margin items increase product visibility while keeping profits steady and reliable as well.

Retailers that take advantage of the couponing and discount trend established through the economic decline and through the popularity of couponing websites and television shows can increase sales and profits while giving customers a break in final costs for home décor items like floor vases and planters. These types of items may experience lower sales during hard economic times, but a smart retailer can still use the value of a discount to keep customers happy, create customer loyalty, and ultimately achieve sales and profit goals.

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