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Mother’s Day Retail Sales Promotions

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Mother's Day is an annual celebration of the dedication and hard work that mothers endure in order to raise a child into adulthood. More than that, Mother's Day is a time to show the moms of the world that they are appreciated, loved and for at least one day a year, the sacrifices made have not gone unnoticed. For the retail business, Mother's Day is an opportunity to connect with customers on an emotional level, providing unique gifts or inspiration during a time of year that evokes feelings of sentimentality or guilt.

No two mothers are alike, and the ability to offer gifts to mothers that transcend age, location or the attitude of the mother can create a lasting impression in the minds of those looking to purchase gifts for Mother's Day. Time-honored offerings, such as flowers in decorative floor vases or planters that can be reused are a sure bet for more traditional families, while mothers who are busy with work or home obligations may appreciate the thought behind an all-in-one decorate solution that includes bulbs, flowers or botanical accents and a floor vase or planter, complete with instructions and tips for growing the plants or enhancing home décor.

All customers appreciate the “little extras” that help personalize gifts, especially on holidays like Mother's Day. As a way to clarify the message behind a gift, a retail store owner can further personalize the gifts by offering a card or note with a saying about the importance of mothers (or other female relatives), or even information about the traditional meaning behind a plant or flower.

Depending on the customer base for a store, the options available to include in a Mother's Day promotion are endless, but the common theme is to help customers show appreciation for a parent who has devoted her life to fulfilling the needs of her children. Mother's Day may not be one of the most profitable sales times of the year, but it still has value; not only does the efforts provided during Mother's Day sales help a business establish its personality within the community, this time can also help grow word-of-mouth advertising and encourage future customers' business.

Holidays that honor those who have brought love and life into the world are special days full of handprints, photos and special memories, and retailers can be hard pressed to compete with the homemade cards given by children. But, the market for unique and personalized gifts for mothers still continues to grow as children age. Offering these valuable, sentimental presents for adult children can keep the magic of Mother's Day glowing, as well as the mothers who receive the special gifts.

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